About Me

My interest in linguistics dates back to my elementary-school days when I took keen interest in learning and studying languages (Ewe and French). A visit to the University of Ghana campus in 2009 where a senior of mine from high school told me bit about what they were learning in their linguistics class further heightened my interest. In fact, that was the first time I heard the word “Linguistics”.

I entered the University of Ghana later that year and graduated with a BA in Linguistics and Russian in 2014. As part of my undergraduate studies, I participated in a study-abroad program in Moscow, Russia.

I proceeded to Ohio University for a Master’s in Applied Linguistics. While there, I took special interest in Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Corpus Linguistics. In preparation towards my doctoral studies, I enrolled in Southern Illinois University’s MA Linguistics program where I worked with Jeffrey Punske and Vicki Carstens.

In my doctoral program, I have, through the inspiration and guidance of my advisor and other faculty, enjoyed exploring syntactic phenomena in dialects of Ewe.

Outside academic work, I play fantasy football/soccer. I go on road trips with my small family. I also serve as assistant organist for a choral group and a church in New York City.