I have been investigating A-bar phenomena (focus movement and interactions with wh-fronting; sentence-final particles and the left periphery; and relative clauses), predicative/nominal possession, ditransitives, implicit arguments in Ewe and related languages.

Active Research

Ewe Implicit Arguments: Are they really there?

In this paper, I offer a syntactic analysis of implicit arguments in Ewe. In particular, I investigate nominalizations and constructions that bear some syntactic resemblance to passives, middles, and tough-movement constructions. These constructions seem to have implicit arguments. If indeed they have implicit arguments, how are these arguments represented in the structure? I consider diagnostics (binding, secondary predicates, etc) for implicit arguments and explore derivation alternatives for the constructions under consideration. In the end, I hope to contribute to the debate on the nature of implicit arguments.

On Rhoticity and Flapping in GhE

This project entails an analysis of social correlates of rhoticity and flapping in Ghanaian English. Existing literature on the subject note that the prevalence of the aforesaid phenomena as integral to the notion of Locally-Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA). I seek to explore these phenomena in great detail, with the view to providing an understanding of the correlation between the variables and some social predictors. Further, I will situate (Ghanaian) LAFA in the broader discussion on World Englishes and the ubiquity of features from general American pronunciation systems.